Saturday, November 17, 2007

Walking inside the Blackbox

Recently at CEC 2007 at LAS VEGAS, I had my dream fulfilled to see, touch and feel Blackbox. Its so cool. Its basically a container on a truck, thats converted into a mobile data center.

Guess What! I actually walked inside the Blackbox. wow !!!

You load the container with servers and you are ready to go! Just feed it with power, water and Internet pipe and you can setup your data center at any place on earth! You might want to carry a generator set and a V-Sat dish on a second truck :)

Now when you go on a holiday to Goa, you need not carry your laptop and Reliance data-card. Just put your datacenter on a truck and bring it along and enjoy all the compute power.

Here is what Greg has to say about Blackbox :

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